1. 4.75 fine Picture Frame antique Gold Ornate photo museum Oil Painting Wood 256G
  2. Mid-Century 1960s Rare Vintage Oil Canvas Pelicans Signed Letterman
  3. ANTIQUE Hand Painted GWTW oil lamp electrified excellent condition
  4. Vintage oil painting. 1940's nude woman. Original. Signed Helsinger
  5. Old Master Art Oil Painting Antique The Ninth Wave Ivan Aivazovsky Canvas 24x36
  7. Vintage Italian Landscape Oil Painting Post Impressionist
  8. Hudson River School Antique Folk Art O/B Painting c. 1890
  9. Fakes Forgeries Copies Reproductions Antiques With Gary Stover
  10. Rare French Louis XVI Period Trumeau Mirror Circa 1760 Romantic Oil Painting
  11. Vintage Nude Woman Oil Painting Mid Century Framed Signed Proser
  12. 19th Century Italian Appian Way Rome Landscape Ruins Edward LEAR Oil Painting
  13. 17th Century Italian Old Master Flowers Still Life Allegory of Faith STANCHI
  14. How To Inspect An Old Master Painting
  15. 1970s Pacific Oil Painting on Velvet Seated Nude by Ralph Tyree (1921-1979)(Val)
  16. Large 20th Century Looe Cornwall Coastal Landscape Oil Painting Clive KIDDER
  17. Large 20th Century French Moonlit Beach Lancieux Roger de La Corbière 1893-1974
  18. Large 18th Century British Royal Navy Marine Oil Ship Sailing Thomas LUNY
  19. 16th 17th Century Flemish Old Master The Coronation Of The Virgin Oil On Panel
  20. 17th Century Italian Baroque School Old Master Madonna Child & St Jerome
  21. 17th Century Flemish Old Master Gentleman Portrait Crucifix LUCAS FRANCHOYS
  22. Huge 20th Century English Studio Nude Portrait Naked Lady Reclining St Ives
  23. Large 17th Century Italian Old Master Virgin Annunciate Madonna Carlo MARATTA
  24. Large 17th Century English Elizabethan William Shakespeare (1564-1616) Portrait
  25. Huge 16th Century Sienese School Italian Old Master Saint Agatha Il Sodoma
  26. 20th Century Figurative Double Portrait Francis Bacon Gaston Chaissac Painting
  27. Huge 19th Century German Rothenberg Church Monks Lady Feeding Peacocks WASSE
  28. Huge 16th Century Dutch Old Master Annunciation Of Shepherds Abraham BLOEMAERT
  29. 16th Century Italian Renaissance Old Master Adoration Of The Magi RAPHAEL
  31. Large Early 20th Century Portrait Of A Woman Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920)
  32. Antique Pink WHITE ROSES Oil Painting Gold FRAME Lstd Charlotte LILLA YALE c1900
  33. Antique Oil Painting Impressionist Landscape Artist Signed RE Cooley
  34. Antique/Vintage Flower Bouquet Still Life Original Oil Painting on canvas/framed
  35. William Bruce Original Oil Painting From Our Art Gallery At Gannon S Antiques U0026 Art
  36. Ancien Tableau Pelote Basque Peinture Huile Antique Oil Painting Dipinto
  37. Old Master Art Antique Portrait Aga Man Oil Painting on Canvas Unframed 24x30
  38. Old Master Painting Art Antique Madonna and Child Religious Oil Unframed 24x30
  39. Antique Vintage Signed G. A. California Landscape Plein Air Oil Painting
  40. Floral Still Life Oil On Canvas Signed GFM Cox Antique Vintage Painting 1930s
  41. Old Master Art Antique Man Portrait of Gentleman Oil Painting Unframed 24inx30in
  42. OLD MASTER Oil Painting VISION OF SAINT JEROME Antique Panel 17 C. ITALIAN
  43. Antique Oil French Impressionist painting Lake in French by Leon LAUNAY
  44. Original Tonalist Moonlit Moonlight Antique Style Landscape Painting Max Cole
  45. Old Master Art Antique Portrait of Lady Thomas Lawrence Oil Painting 30x40
  46. Antique Style Oil Painting Portrait of a Beautiful 18th C. Woman Large Frame
  47. Old Master Art Antique Animal Sheep Chicken Farm Oil Painting Unframed 30x40 in
  48. Antique Oil Painting Antique Old American Impressionist Landscape 1890's Mystery
  49. Antique American Female Nude Painting Mystery Art Deco Modernist Composition
  50. Antique Early American Impressionist Oil Painting Small Gem Masterful Landscape
  51. Antique Gilt Framed Oil Painting Portrait Of Man In Brown
  52. Jean F. Chaigneau (1830-1903) Antique Barbizon Oil Sheep Landscape Painting
  53. Antique Horse Painting, 19th Century Horseman Oil Painting, To be Restored
  54. Antique Bright Impressionist Painting American Landscape Early California Oil
  55. Antique French Empire Oil Painting Portrait, Beautiful Young Girl in Blue, Frame
  56. Harry John Pearson Original Antique Portrait Oil Painting, Girl With Teddy Bear
  57. Antique Nude Female Painting Landscape Nature Woman Women Model Art Deco Era Old
  58. Frank Dicksee Huge Large Fine Antique Oil Painting Portrait of Noble Lady Signed
  59. Large 1930 Austrian Portrait Two Greyhounds Playing Antique Dog Painting
  60. Antique Wpa Era Painting Farmer Worker 1930's Modernism American Regionalism Old
  61. 16th Century Veneto-Cretan School Adoration Of The Magi Greek Antique Painting
  62. Antique 19th Century Oil on Canvas Board Painting of Cows in Landscape by Stream
  63. Antique Vintage Oil Painting Large Portrait Female Woman Model Ballet Dancer
  64. Antique 19th Century Old Large Breed Dog Painting Portrait Friend Till The End
  65. Antique Andrew Black Scottish seascape oil painting
  66. John Anthony Conner Painting Antique Early California Mt San Jacinto 24 By 30
  67. 19th Century Spanish American Archangel Uriel Oil Painting Cusco Antique Icon
  68. How To Clean Old Paintings Without Damaging Them
  69. Jef Louis Van Leemputten Belgian, 1865-1948 oil canvas antique painting sheep
  70. Top Finds 1904 Diego Rivera El Alba IL Oil Painting
  71. Oil Painting, Figural Landscape River Scene, 19th C. (1800s), Gorgeous, Antique
  72. Fine Antique Large German Holy Family Madonna And Child Religious Oil On Canvas
  73. French Impressionist Antique oil painting Seascape Albert PORCHER (1834-1895)
  74. 19th Century Portrait Saint Catholic Religious Christian Antique Oil Painting e
  75. Antique American Folk Art Portrait Of A Young Woman With Gold Earrings & Brooch
  76. Large Robert Wood Painting Antique Sunset Early California American Coastal Sea
  77. Antique Oil Painting My Parents Had Since I Was A Newborn
  78. Antique Hand Painted Gone with the Wind Oil Lamp with WILD ROSES RARE 12 Shade
  79. 1900 1940 Antique Gone With the Wind Kerosene Oil Hand Painted Rose Lamp
  80. Antique Painting Wpa Style Old Classic Cars Pretty Woman Portrait Ny Regionalism
  81. Antique Oil painting FRENCH IMPRESSIONIST PAINTING Ducks at the pond signed
  82. Antique Large Hudson River Area Painting Landscape American 19th Century Old
  83. Antique Art Deco Impressionist Nude Painting 1930's Woman Female Model Pretty
  84. French Antique Old Master Painting Attrib. Jacques Antoine Vallin, 18th Century
  85. Antique Dutch School Floral Still Life Oil Painting on Artist Board Framed
  86. Antique Painting, Oil on Board, Salon Scene, French School, 18th/19th Century
  87. Large Fine Western Cowboy Painting Antique Farm Early California Landscape
  88. Antique Church Oil Painting By Jamin
  89. Large 19th Century American Antique Portrait Oil Painting of Gentleman Man e
  90. Antique Oil painting 18th century Portrait Virgin Angel Raphael Carlo DOLCI
  91. Antique Portrait Painting Ship Sailing in Moonlight Oil on Canvas Nautical
  92. Antique Portrait Painting Iconic Estate Female Model Pretty Antonio Barone Deco
  93. Antique Painting Impressive Seascape Ocean View Marina Vintage Abstract
  94. Oil On Canvas Ship At Sea. Antique Early 1800s
  95. Antique Victorian European Landscape Oil Painting Great Old Castles & Fishermen
  96. Antique American Impressionist Style Oil Painting On Board
  98. Antique Chicago Painting Wpa Urban American Tenement Modernism City Ashcan Style
  99. Oil Painting, Framed Italian Baroque Madonna, 17th C (1600s), Beautiful Antique
  100. 19th Century Spanish American Madonna Oil Painting Jesus Cusco School Antique
  101. 1807 Huge Antique 19th Century Oil Painting Portrait Man Gentleman CERTAIN STATE
  102. Italian Pre-Raphaelite Portrait of Girls 19thC Signed Large Antique Oil Painting
  103. Alex de Andreis Fine Antique Oil Painting Portrait Boy Cello Musician Signed
  104. Antique Banquet Victorian Oil Kerosene Hand Painted Floral Art Nouveau Gwtw Lamp
  105. Baroque / Surrealist Antique Oil Painting of Giraffe in large gilt frame
  107. Antique Rustic Oil Painting Rat Terrier Dog Ratting English Portrait
  108. Elizabeth Milner, 20thC British, Portrait of a Lady, Large Antique Oil Painting
  109. Oil Painting, Portraits, Framed of Man and Wife, (1800s), Impressive Antiques
  110. Wm Holyoake, Portrait of a Spanish Lady, 19thC Signed Large Antique Oil Painting
  111. 18th Century painting old Master Antique 17th century
  112. JOHN E FERNELEY 1782-1876 BAY HORSE IN A LANDSCAPE Antique Oil Painting
  113. Antique Old Master oil on panel painting, Northern European, 16th century
  114. Antique Painting BULLDOG Large Original Oil on Canvas Vintage Bull Dog Portrait
  115. Large 18th Century British Royal Navy Ships Off The Coast Antique Oil Painting
  116. Fine Large 17th English Old Master Portrait Of A Girl Blue Dress Antique
  117. Large 19th Century English School Geese Farm Birds Landscape Antique Painting
  118. Large 1920 European School Portrait Of A Lady Signed Antique Oil Painting
  119. How To Varnish An Oil Painting My Top 5 Tips
  120. Antique Polish oil painting Ignacy ZYGMUNTOWICZ Teatr Wielki Opera Narodowa
  121. How To Paint With Perspective Siena Street Scene Oil Painting Tutorial
  122. 19th Century German Society Girl Portrait Olga by Paul THUMANN Antique Oil
  123. Antique Oil Painting Winter Scene (Attrib.) Maurice de Vlaminck (FRENCH)
  124. Antique French Victorian 19th Cent Oil Painting Of Two
  125. Large German 16th Century Old Master Lamentation Of Christ Antique Painting
  126. Antique Dutch Old Master decorative oil painting, follower of Jan van Os
  127. How To Value Art
  128. Antique Flemish Old Master oil on panel painting, attr. Louis de Moni(signed)
  129. 19th Century English Country Path Landscape John CONSTABLE Antique Oil Painting
  130. Antique Dutch Old Master oil on panel painting, School of Adriaen van Ostade 16
  131. Franz Ferdinand Hoepfner (German 19 century) Antique 1888 Original Oil Painting
  132. Ancien Tableau Locuste et Néron Peinture Huile Antique Oil Painting Dipinto
  133. Antique Old Master Oil Painting Resurrection Jesus Federico Barocci Bible 17th C
  134. Antique English Victorian Gold Framed Oil Painting Portrait
  135. Antique Oil Painting William S Rose 1810 1873 English Rural Landscape With Sheep
  136. Large Early 1900 English School Nude Male Model Portrait Jockstrap Antique
  137. 19th Century English Village Maiden Girl Portrait George CLAUSEN (1852-1944)
  138. Large 19th Century British River Valley Landscape Far From The Madding Crowd
  139. 1924 Impressionist Still Life Languishing Roses Flowers WILLIAM J. WOOD Painting
  140. Antique 16C-17C Giant Baroque Portrait Oil on Canvas ing receives a Messenger
  141. Antique Rembrandt Oil Descent From The Cross Signed
  142. Large 16th Century English Old Master Court Portrait Lady Antique Oil Painting
  143. Old Historic Paintings Tips On How To Identify Old Paintings By Looking At The Back Side
  144. Antique Old Master Painting Young Man With Fruit Allegorical Scene
  145. 19th Century Neo Classical Pre-Raphaelite Maiden Butterfly Antique Oil Painting
  146. 19th Century French School Portrait Of A White Terrier Dog Antique Oil Painting
  147. Large 19th Century Welsh Valley Landscape Horse & Cart Antique Oil Painting
  148. 19th Century Portrait Woman In White & A Shell Beach Robert Henry Alison ROSS
  149. Hunt Slonem Bird Oil Painting on Canvas Antique Gilt Frame Signed and Dated
  150. Large 19th Century English Lady Portrait White Silk Dress Antique Oil Painting
  151. Large 19th Century English Newlyn School Girl Portrait Antique Oil Painting
  152. Fine 17th Century Italian Old Master The Annunciation Antique Oil Painting
  153. Large 19th Century Italian Venice Canal Bridge Choggia Landscape Painting
  154. V Large Fine Original Antique 19thC Oil Painting of North Wales Storm Landscape
  155. Huge 19th Century Italian School Mother & Sleeping Baby Antique Oil Painting
  156. Huge 17th Century Italian Old Master Venus Nursing Cupid Antique Oil Painting
  157. Huge 16th Century English Portrait of Sir Thomas Smythe (1514-1577) Hans HOLBEIN
  158. Huge 17th Century Old Master Portrait King William III Of England Jan De BAEN
  159. Antique French Empire 18 19th Cent Portrail Oil Painting
  160. Large 17th Century Dutch Old Master Ahasuerus & Hamas Feast of Esther REMBRANDT
  161. Large 19th Century Pre-Raphaelite Scottish Girl Corn Field Portrait James ARCHER
  162. Huge 17th Century Boy Portrait Charles II Prince Of Wales King Anthony VAN DYCK
  163. 15th 16th Century Italian Renaissance Saint & Sword Icon Gold Panel Painting
  164. Extremely Old haunted Oil Painting Portrait Antique from France military
  165. 15th 16th Century Italian Renaissance Saint Praying Icon Gold Panel Painting
  166. Huge Fine 18th Century Admiral Laton Portrait British Navy Joshua REYNOLDS
  167. Huge 17th Century Italian Old Master Coronation Of The Virgin Madonna Guido RENI
  168. Large 15th 16th Century Italian Old Master Madonna & Child Oil Lorenzo DI CREDI
  169. How Art Conservators Clean Paintings
  170. Secrets About Paintings Values By Dr Lori
  171. 16th Century Italian Old Master Madonna Infant Christ St John LEONARDO DA VINCI
  172. Antique Hudson River School Oil Painting Large Size Circa 1800's Signed
  173. 17th Century Dutch Old Master Village Tavern Banquet David TENIERS (1610-1690)
  174. 20th Century American Beach Bathers by THOMAS HART BENTON (1889-1975)
  175. Huge 17th Century Italian Old Master Venus & The Death Of Adonis Oil Painting
  176. Antique Pair Of Gilt Framed Oil Painting Portraits Of 19th
  177. Antique Lippo Vanni 14th C. Original Jesus Oil Painting Old Rare Power Art Relic
  178. Original gary reed hawaiian oil painting hawaii vintage
  179. Large 19th Century British Navy HMS Trafalgar & Royal Yacht Victoria & Albert
  180. Charles Louis Verwee Large Antique Oil Painting Interior Figures Ladies Signed
  181. Large German 16th Century Old Master Adoration Of The Shepherds Antique Painting
  182. Antique Continental Flemish 18th Cent Oil Painting With
  183. Large 17th Century Portrait Of Charles I King Of England Horseback Van DYCK
  184. Huge 17th Century Dutch School Old Master Venus & Adonis Van DYCK
  185. Mother & Child Oil Painting Oil On Canvas 20 X 28.5 Signed Tamara Lempicka
  186. Charles Zacharie Landelle Antique Oil Painting Portrait Orientalist Lady Signed
  187. Mexican Spanish Rare Antique Colonial Oil on Copper Retablo Icon of Trinity 17th
  188. Large Early 20th Century Portrait Of A Woman Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920)
  190. Sir Joshua Reynolds Cherup Depiction Oil Painting with Antique Wall Frame